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Scissor lift tables by Manual Handling Solutions, this page is dedicated to, scissor lift platforms
Here you will find a wide range of scissor lifts to suit all applications and budgets ranging from Economic mobile scissor tables, light duty, medium duty, heavy duty scissor platforms, low profile and bespoke tables
We can also supply stainless steel scissor tables as well as manufacturing bespoke Scissor Tables to suit almost any application be it; Car Lift, Dock Lift, Disabled Lift, Goods Lift, Loading Bay Lift, Work Platforms, Lorry Loaders, Galvanised Lifts, Mezzanine Floor Lift, Split Level Lift, Wheelchair Lift, Stage Lifts, Bin Lift
Static Scissor Tables are fitted with pressure relief valves to protect the hydraulic system should there be there is a leak or break on the hydraulic hose. Also Static Scissor Lift Tables come with a safety trip bar. The safety trip bar is made from aluminium and mounted underneath the platform all the way round table. Should someone or something touch the safety trip bar the table will stop
All products comply with European and British Standards and each unit is supplied with the appropriate certification / documentation,
For more information on our range of scissor tables or you require a Bespoke Static Scissor Table please contact Manual Handling Solutions on Tel 01553811977.
economic scissor lift


Economic Mobile Scissor Lift Table available in manual-hydraulic operation only. These scissor tables offer a quality product at an economic price. Five models are available with capacities 200kg – 300kg – 500kg – 800kg and 350kg. Lift heights range from 745mm through to 1615mm on the 350kg Double Manual

premium scissor table PREMIUM SCISSOR LIFT TABLES  [view product]

Mobile scissor lift table available in manual hydraulic or battery electric operation. Designed and manufactured in the UK these scissor tables can be modified to suit your requirements. Numerous models in the range with capacities from 150 - 1250KG.

static scissor table STATIC SCISSOR LIFT TABLES  [view product]

Static scissor lift table available in main powered (three or single phase) operation. European manufactured scissor lifts can be modified to suit your requirements. A vast range is available with lots of standard options, capacities from 500 - 8000KG.

 low profile scissor table LOW PROFILE SCISSOR LIFT TABLES  [view product]

Low profile scissor lifts available in mains powered (three or single phase) operation. Various models available to suit all applications, with capacities from 500 - 2000KG.

besopke scissor table


Bespoke scissor lifts manufactured to your exact requirements. This can range from a special size scissor table lid to a bespoke build designed by our in-house design team.


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